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List of Feiseanna to Check out this Fall

11/07/2020  IRISH ROSE OF TEXAS FEIS (Temp Dt Chg)  Houston  TX

11/08/2020  HOUSTON HARVEST FEIS (NEW)  Houston  TX

11/14/2020  ARKANSAS STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS & FEIS  Fort Smith  AR       Cancelled for 2020 

11/15/2020  DIAMOND STATE FEIS (Temp Dt Chg)   Fort Smith  AR  Cancelled for 2020

11/21/2020  TEXAS CAPITAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (COVID-19 Temp Dt Chg)  Austin  TX

11/22/2020  LIVE MUSIC CAPITAL FEIS (COVID-19 Temp Dt Chg)  Austin  TX

12/4/2020 – 12/6/2020        SRO      GREENSBORO NC